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Vacuum Maintenance

  BRUSH *   How often do you change your toothbrush? Have you ever thought of changing the brush in your vacuum? After owning your vacuum for 2 years the brush in your vacuum does need changing. It gets soft and flares out through use. Its responsibility is to vibrate and stimulate the down deep embedded dirt from your carpet, therefore it extends the life of your carpet and saves you money!

BELTS *      Change your belts. As a vacuum operates it creates heat.  The heat transfers to the rubber belts causing the belt to stretch and slip, whereas the brush will not spin as fast as it should which compromises the cleaning efficiency of your vacuum. 

FILTERS * Clean your filters! Yes , you have filters!  Clean or replace them so your Vacuum can perform to its potential. Your vacuum loses suction from those dirty filters.

Follow these simple steps to improve the cleaning efficiency of your vacuum!